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Sunday, November 7, 2010

First family of 5 photo shoot

Jolie 6 months, me, Josie 2, Jamon 4 and Jeremiah
I know this isn't the best quality picture and wouldn't win any awards, but I love Jolie's expression.  And Josie looks like a doll. 

And this picture really captures our life.  Josie loves smiling for the camera.  And Jolie is often wondering what's going on! 
I love this picture of these two!  It is surprising to me how much they look and act alike!  Even their hair line is the same! 

Josie and Jamon have become such good friends, a relationship I hope lasts a lifetime.   
So before I had children I would see really nice family pictures.  The kind where you look at them and think of your future family.  Flash forward a few years later and a few kids later.  Our family pictures never go smoothly.  Either the outfits aren't coordinated, I forget a prop I wanted to use, someone is crying, someone tripped, someone wants a snack (usually Jeremiah), and then someone is crying again......I realized, from experience, to get those "perfect" family picture you have to be willing to take a lot, like hundreds of pictures, and hope that one will be Christmas card worthy.  And when all else fails, thank goodness for photo editing.  And, sometimes the best pictures are the ones where everyone doesn't look perfect....thank goodness because that is how most of our family pictures end up.  I almost think Jeremiah is worse than the kids when I ask him if we can take family pictures.  His usual response is:  "didn't we just do family pictures?"  To which I normally reply:  "Please, it's been a year..."  So until next year, here is our family of five. 

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