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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

One of my favorite things to do with the kids in the Fall is go to the pumpkin patch.  This was the first year I actually felt comfortable letting them trot around and it was so nice!  We ended up going a couple of times because Herrick Farm's is so close to us.  When we went for our friend Ellice's birthday it was the most perfect weather!  I am a huge fan of summer, but its days like these that make me love fall even more. 

The kids had a blast.  It was also the first year that we implemented the "you have to carry your own pumpkin" rule.  We have been going to the pumpkin patch with this group of friends since Jamon was four months old!  What a great tradition. Each year, there are more kids on the hay bails and it gets more difficult to take a "nice" family or group picture.  Nonetheless, it is still a highlight every year. 

These three boys' dads have all been best friends since early elementary school.  What a blessing! 

Jamon at 5.  It didn't take him long to choose a pumpkin. 

Josie at 3 years old.  She really wanted a huge pumpkin but settled for this more reasonable one. 
Jolie at 18 months. 
Kristie Price, Me, Victoria Michel, and Emily Roper 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy....

Jamon lost his first tooth.  It was actually his first tooth he got the day after he turned 6 months old, his bottom right tooth.  He was so excited!  He actually wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy and put it by his pillow, and not for the life of me I cannot find it.  However, I memorized it.  It said:  "Dear Tooth Fairy, please leave my tooth.  I will take good care of it.  Thank you, Jamon."  What Tooth Fairy could deny that kind of plea?  So inside a basketball tooth pillow was a little baby tooth and $1.  Jamon actually still keeps his tooth in the tooth pillow.  And a few weeks later he lost his bottom left tooth!  And I put it on the kitchen counter so we wouldn't lose it.  Guess what?  We, or I, lost it.  I was wiping down the counters and it flew on the floor.  I must have swept it up.  I even searched the trash, but it is incredibly difficult to find a baby tooth in a full sack of garbage.  I felt terrible.  I told him that I would write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened and that he would still receive a prize.  I am loving this age.  It is a time of pure joy and innocence.  When I imagine childhood, I close my eyes and see Jamon and Josie at their ages right now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer ends and soccer begins

Last year when I first started this blog I thought posting twice a month would be a piece of cake.  Little did I know that between homeschool, chicken farming, small scale farming, raising children and trying to improve my sewing skills that there would be little time left in my week to sit down and blog.  Blogging is kind of like scrapbooking to me.  When you are current and up-to-date it is to maintain. However, when you let a couple of months and major milestones like birthdays, vacations, parties sneak past you it is a little daunting to start again. 

That being said, most of these posts are a few months outdated.  Thankfully this is intended for my own family and close friends so hopefully everyone will be gracious.  Summer ended and I have to say that even though I love summer just as much as anyone else, I truly love fall.  It may be my favorite season.  This year we made the decision to let Jamon play AYSO soccer.  He played with his good friend Easton Roberson and Gabby Roper.  I have to admit it was humbling to become a "soccer mom."  But I loved it.  I loved cheering for him and taking him to practice to see the excitement in his eyes.  I think his coach Troy Thorsby was a little concerned during the first practice when coach asked the players to take their soccer ball and dribble down to the orange cone and come back.  Jamon proceeded to pick up his soccer ball and dribble it like a basketball....We had so much during the season and all the kids improved immensely and actually ended up scoring four goals in one game.  He is coachable, hard working and competitive, skills we hope will stick with him through adulthood.

During soccer season, AWANA started at Springfield Faith Center.  Josie was so excited because she was three and old enough to become a Cubby Bear.  It was very exciting for everyone.  Jamon being 5 is now a Sparks, he gets to wear a red vest and instead of earning patches he earns jewels for his pilot's wing.  The program is wonderful.  The kids love learning their versus and its so sweet to hear them have conversations about their book time, or the games, or even talk about the versus.  Jamon helps Josie memorize her versus and he is ever-impressive with his memorization ability.  He quizzes me on the new testament books, I often get a few mixed up and Jamon has to help me.  I was a little worried about Josie going to AWANA and staying up late once a week.  She is always so excited to go and actually crashes at bedtime.  She also has no problem with her weekly versus and it is so encouraging to me to see their love for learning God's word.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer continued....

Whenever you try and give a summary of an entire season of life you are bound to forget things.  Until you look at pictures.  So what I thought would be a quick summary with just a few pictures is turning into a multiple posts kinda of summary.  I try to delete some pictures but then I think about how much I loved that day or seeing the kids do something or a special event.  And then I remembered, this blog is for our family to remember! 

One thing I have learned this summer is I cannot do it all.  I do not know how some of these professional bloggers can take such amazing pictures, still edit them, write tutorials about them, oh and have a family, make amazing meals, bake, organize their homes, and they probably homeschool too!  Anyway, like most of my activities, everything is feast and famine. When its the right time for me to garden, I try to garden.  When I am getting a sewing bug, I sew like crazy.  And right now, I am motivated to catch up on the blog.  And hopefully this will be my motivation/incentive to not get so far behind and actually stay semi-current.

So as I went through the hundreds of pictures on our computer, I remembered more great things about summer.  The kids went to the All Comers Track Meet that is put on for free by the Oregon Track Club.  It's a great way to introduce kids to Track and Field, to be outside, to be with other families and to have fun competing.  They really enjoyed it.  Also, we spent a lot of time with family.  We had cousins from California, Wisconsin, Iowa, all over.  The kids love playing with them and Grandma Jo out did herself entertaining everyone for 4th of July.  Fourth of July is a neat weekend where we all get together at the La Pine house, play games, eat yummy food, fish, swim, decorate the house, and just hang out.  It's a great time!  This year the highlights from that weekend were the slip 'n slide and the sno cone maker that Grandma Angie brought.  Huge hit amongst kids and adults!

One major highlight for Jamon this summer was going to Safety Town. Safety Town is a week long day camp put on by the Kiwanis club of Springfield to teach five and six year olds a variety of safety skills.  They covered everything from playground safety, fire safety, crosswalk safety, stranger danger etc.  Jamon being very rules oriented loved it.  He sang different songs, told me new rules and he really enjoyed teaching Josie the new safety rules.  I love how responsible he is.  It was his first time being dropped off somewhere other than at Grandma's house and he loved it.  He reminded me multiple times not to worry.

And like I mentioned earlier, summer was a lot of playing.  Playing outside.  Playing at the playground.  Playing at the football field watching daddy's practice.  I love that my kids can literally spend hours outside running around, feeding the goats leaves, climbing trees, swinging, or making up their own adventures.  It was a great summer.
I love a lot of things about this picture.  But, it is really hard to get a smiling picture of Jamon.  He loves wearing Jeremiah's old Seahawk's jersey and I think it's so cute how alike they are. 

This was a great s'more making night.  Jolie took her s'more apart and chose to just eat the graham cracker.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doughnut Day with Aunt Jennifer

Well this particular week we were lucky to have Aunt Jennifer visit!  She even stayed to come to doughnuts.  I love how these pictures capture how different each child is and their personalities.  I am so thankful for supportive and involved family who are truly invested in the lives of my children. 
One of the traditions I love most is doughnut day.  The ironic thing is I don't even eat doughnuts!  The tradition started with Jeremiah's Grandpa Jack taking a coffee break from the glass shop.  They would rotate between Master's Doughnuts & Rose's Diner.  When they sold the glass shop a few years ago I actually thought what would happen to doughnut day?  Before we had kids Jeremiah and I would show up to the coffee break time on days off from school or work.  Jeremiah has very fond memories of working with his Grandpa and having coffee breaks. It was a tradition I was excited to continue with Papa Jeff.  We used to faithfully go on Tuesdays, but with Classical Conversations on that day we have become more sporadic in our visits.  I love that our kids refer to old fashion doughnuts as "Papa's doughnuts" and both Josie & Jolie eat their chocolate doughnuts top down.  It's fun to sip a diet pepsi and just watch the kids.  Well, who am I kidding I am pretty busy preventing a spill, taking someone to the bathroom, opening a milk carton and just being a mom.  And it's so appropriate that I am writing about doughnut day because we get to go tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer fun

This really is the last of the best of summer pictures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybe when I'm 5.

Before Jamon turned five, he used to say this phrase for everything.  For example, I would ask:  "Jamon, do you want to try a bite of salmon?"  He would then reply, "Maybe when I'm 5."  This would happen frequently throughout the year.  For some reason, turning five was a big deal in his mind.  And the more I thought about it, five was a big deal.  Before I had children, I would see other small kids and think that once they were around five years old they stopped being super cute and entered an awkward stage of childhood.  Let me explain.  Kids who are four can get away with mispronunciations and other "cute" toddler ways.  But, when kids turn five it seems like people are constantly asking what skill he's mastering, what sport he's playing, how he's doing in school etc.  All the while, I am imagining my not so little four year old who somehow became a kid overnight. 

I know everyone says how fast childhood goes and that I should just enjoy every moment.  Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the day to day chaos of little kids in the house.  But for some reason, when Jamon comes up to me and gives me a "strong" hug or asks me to watch him do something, time does stand still.  He was my first baby.  He is my only boy.  I could make a list of all the things I've done wrong in the first five years, but Jamon is so forgiving, loving, and encouraging.  Jamon keeps me honest and accountable.  Sometimes I like to go into his room and just re-tuck him in after he's asleep.  It amazes me how he went from 21 3/4" long and weighing only 7lbs. 9 oz to 57 lbs and almost 48" in just five years.  He went from the same bassinet his dad used to his Papa's old twin-sized bed! He has grown from footed pajamas to thermal tops and bottoms, and the other night he wanted to just wear shorts to bed.  I used to read to him for hours and now he reads by himself and to our family.

I am sure each stage has its trials and its joys.  I can only hope the next five years are just as good....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where did summer go?

I knew I would have a hard time keeping up with summer activities, I never thought I would completely abandon the blog for almost 2 months!  In terms of weather, summer didn't really start until mid to late July and now we are in September and having 80 degree days.  I am just now transitioning into fall and realizing I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog, on housework, and on my to-do list. So, this post will simply summarize summer, what we did and what we are doing!

There were a lot of great things that happened this summer.  Our chickens are great and we average around 6 or 7 eggs a day!  Jamon has really stepped up and taken on the care of the chickens.  It's been a neat lesson for him.  The garden did okay.  I was able to can quite a big of green beans, shred some zucchini for future zucchini bread, enjoyed a few tomatoes, picked a few raspberries, but the highlight was the carrots.  The kids ate freshly picked carrots almost daily.  It was amazing!

As I reflect on the summer of 2011, I really just think of my kids playing and time spent with family both near and far. We didn't take any major trips, no major projects, just a lot of playing, s'more eating, sandbox digging, and overall childhood fun.  Jamon really mastered the pumping of his legs on the swing and even Josie learned how to pump her little legs.  I remember standing in the kitchen and hearing Jamon yell:  "mom watch me!"  I stood there watching him swing with a smile on my face.  I enjoyed watching him swing probably more than he did.  It's the greatest thing as a parent to watch your children achieve something, even as little as swinging really fast.

This summer I also realized that Jolie is quickly entering the toddler years.  She desperately wants to follow Jamon and Josie and hasn't realized that she is substantially smaller and is physically unable to do some of the things they are doing.  Both Josie and Jolie possess an incredible amount of perseverance.  I am sure it will be useful later in life.  Right now, it leads to a lot of tears and frustration.  Although toddler years bring a lot of daily challenges, they also bring a lot of sweet moments.  I love how she says "wuv you" or squeezes my neck and holds on for hugs.  She is such a little sponge absorbing everything she hears and sees and what a little parrot.  Every day she is adding more and more words to her vocabulary.  It'll be interesting to hear her and Josie in a few years...
Wildlife Safari is pretty amazing.  We were fortunate to go on a day that wasn't too warm.  The kids loved it.  They didn't love taking these pictures though. 

This summer was full of fun and adventure for Jamon.  He often got to skip naps and go with dad or the rest of the men to do work.  This is him fishing at Lava Lake. He woke up at 4a.m. to go.

This first picture is of Josie getting her first big girl  hair cut.  The middle picture is of her helping me at Winco.  I love how her sunglasses are upside down.  So Josie like.  And lastly, maybe my favorite picture of her this summer.  This is Josie on her first daddy/daughter date.  He took her out to breakfast and as she would say:  "something sepal."  She loves eggs, pampakes, sausage, and o.j. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm free now!

June 8th was Josie's birthday.  I walked into her bedroom and kissed her good morning.  I played with her hair and I whispered: "Josie today's your birthday!  Happy birthday sweet girl."  She happily replied:
"I'm free now!"

I didn't have the heart to correct her.  The tradition in our house is to have a birthday breakfast and your choice for dinner.  She chose chocolate chip pampakes.  With syrup on top.  She always wears a headband on her head when she eats pancakes to keep the syrup out of her hair.  It's hilarious!

She had a wonderful day and it was beautiful outside, just like the day she was born.  I still remember washing dishes at our old house on Thurston Rd.  We just ate chicken enchiladas and I was standing at the sink when my water broke.  She was only 4 days overdue!  We were planning on going for a family walk with Jamon but instead we called grandma & papa and Jamon went and had a sleepover, while we went to the hospital.  Flash forward 3 years....I'm standing in the kitchen washing dishes and soaking up the moment of watching this little wild hair girl eat her chocolate chip pampakes.  I love this moment.  I love this time with her.

Anyway, to celebrate we had a Strawberry Shortcake birthday. However, the only thing Josie knows about Strawberry Shortcake is off of one coloring book that coupled with her love of strawberries and there you go!  I made her a light pink tutu, embellished with applqiue a strawberry t-shirt and the birthday girl was ready.  Aunt Jennifer made an awesome pinata for her and her friends.  I was stuck on a cake idea until my friend Hollan reminded me of cake pops!  Cake pops are all over the blog world.  I made some strawberry shaped cake pops and we enjoyed real strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade, chocolate dipped strawberries and cake pops!  We said thank you to our friends and sent them home with a bag full of candy and their own strawberry plant to enjoy!  It was a great way to celebrate Josie turning three or "free" as she would say. 

We are blessed beyond belief with amazing family and friends.  I am thankful my kids have such loving & involved grandparents and great-grandparents and friends that have invested so much time into the lives of our kids.  It's a neat thing.

This is Jolie not Josie...just a cute picture of little sister at the party. 

Aunt Jennifer's strawberry pinata...isn't she talented!

Cake Pops!

I could chocolate dipped strawberries every day. 

The birthday girl gets the first swing!

And it didn't take very long to break it open. 

Josie and Grandma Angie...just a year ago Josie called her "G". 

Chasing the goats. 

Jamon turns 5!

It's hard to believe that Jamon is 5.  Before I had kids I thought that five-year-olds seemed so old.  And now I have a 5 year old.  Hard to believe.  It's so cliche to say, but I still remember being overdue.  Very overdue.  I remember being induced at 6 a.m. at McKenzie Willamette Hospital.  It was beautiful outside.  And at 6:12p.m. Jamon Lee Heacock changed my life forever.  I never could have imagined the boy he's become today and it's exciting to see the man he's becoming. 

At 5 years old, Jamon loves to practice basketball.  He could dribble and shoot for hours.  It amazes me at his personal drive to meet a challenge.  It's a neat quality to see in a child and I am thrilled when I see him accomplish a goal.  For example, he has been practicing for a few weeks at the monkey bars.  Finally, one day he spent about 20 minutes trying. That's a long time on monkey bars!  Finally he made it all the way across and the look of pride on his face almost brought tears to my eyes.  Anyway, other than playing outside, Jamon is a voracious reader.  He will read anything:  cereal boxes, cards, food labels, books, mail, street signs etc.  It's very exciting.

So this morning I woke Jamon up and said:  "Good morning.  It's your birthday!"
Jamon replied,  "It is?  I made it!"
I didn't know there was any doubt, but nonetheless he made it to 5.  His Aunt Jennifer asked him he grew any and he very seriously said:  "I think a little."

Jamon looks up to his dad and Papas more than anything else.  They are amazing role models.  I think there are few things that are more important to a child than a strong relationship with their father and I am so blessed that Jamon has very involved Papas and a Great-Grandpa (Papa Jack).  Jamon loves hunting and camouflage.  Thus, we had a hunting party.  I made orange felt safety vests and the cake pops were green and brown.  Jeremiah and cousin Jim hid ducks in the trees and set up the deer that Uncle Josh made.  The kids put on their safety vests and went hunting around our backyard and shot wooden guns with rubber bands.  It was so much fun.

Before today's party I was reminiscing about each of Jamon's birthday parties.  How much he's changed and matured each year and the way he continues to impress me.  He is so intelligent, kind-hearted, determined and the best big brother to Josie and Jolie.  He is a natural leader.  He is a good friend to others.  He is responsible. He loves reading his bible and does not hesitate to tell others about Jesus.  Jamon is keeping me accountable, encouraging me to know Jesus better, and is showing me how much fun motherhood can be.  All this from a 5 year old. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed aka AWANA

I cannot believe I have not blogged about AWANA's before! Jamon started going to AWANA at our church Springfield Faith Center this past year in 2010.  It is on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:15 pm. When Jamon first started going, he told his Grandma Angie & Grandma Jo that he goes to AWANA's, it sounded like he said "iguana's", so his Aunt Jennifer & Grandma Jo like to tease him about "iguanas."  Jamon indigently responds, "it's AAAWANA" with a major emphasis on the A!

Jamon loves it.  Josie can't wait to go and Jolie doesn't even know what she's in for.  Kids as young as three come play games, learn bible verses, sing songs and learn about the Lord.  They have a workbook that gets signed off and the say their verse to a leader.  Sometimes when they say their verse they get a badge on their vest!  Jamon loved the badges, loved the "homework", loved the games.  He would come home and practice the games from AWANA.  He started bringing his bible with him every Wednesday for the chance to go up to the front and hold a flag.  The program is incredible and I am amazed at how many bible verses he knows in his heart.  I cannot help but think of Psalms 119:11 that says:  "I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you."

He brought his bible so he got to go to the front &hold a sign for the pledges. 

Josie volunteered to be an usher at Jamon's award ceremony.  It was one of the biggest collection nights-who could refuse her?

Jamon knew every word of the songs, however, he stood there with his hands at his sides the whole time! 

Hands are still down because that's what his teacher said to do! 

He is so cute! 

He loved getting an certificate! 

That's the face of a kid who LOVES the Lord!

He brings a smile to my face!