The Heacock Flock

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blue Bear

There is a very important member of our family that I haven't mentioned.  When Josie turned 2, her Aunt Jennifer took her and Jamon to Build-A-Bear.  Out of all the animals for her to choose, she chose a very simple blue bear.  To this day, she cannot say her L's very well, so its actually called "boo bear."  Blue bear goes everywhere with Josie.  One day I asked Josie if Blue Bear wanted a bite of panpakes (her word for pancakes), and her response was:  "boo bear doesn't have a mouth."  This blue bear cries, gets her hair done, goes to bed, gets put in timeouts, and is often a reflection of what is happening to her.  I have heard of kids being attached to stuffed animals, and both of my kids have their own special animals.  Josie's is blue bear and Jamon's is his monkey.
I love this picture!
Josie reading "Strawberry Shortcake Dance Class" to Blue Bear & Bella Dog

Blue Bear getting her hair done while Jamon gets a haircut from Grandma Angie. 

Trip back from the chickens. 

All your eggs in one basket

I mentioned in my profile that we are raising 4 chickens and I think this family blog wouldn't be complete without some pictures.  Usually after the kids wake up from naps we take the bucket of scraps from the kitchen, put on our rubber boots and head out with the egg basket & chicken food in hand.  Lately, we are consistently getting 2 eggs a day which has resulted in us delivering eggs to some family members.  The kids have so much fun with the chickens.  I am looking forward to the spring and summer when we'll hopefully be collecting baskets full! 
We thought about naming the chickens....but we didn't want to get attached.  They are just chickens. 

Grandma Jo put together this egg basket for the kids. 

Jeremiah was smart and put the nesting boxes on the outside so the kids could reach in for eggs. 

Large, brown eggs!  Delicious! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

Last week the kids wanted to help me cook dinner.  Sunday nights are my menu planning nights, so I planned to have homemade pizza on Monday night.  The recipe I use is super simple, its a basic Artisan Bread that is very versatile and I have found it makes the best pizza dough.  During nap time I rolled the dough and let it rise so when the kids woke up they could put on the toppings.  It's amazing to see how different the kids "decorated" their pizzas.  This was a really fun activity for them and the result was delicious!

One batch makes 3 good sized pizzas

How cute is that hat & apron Josie is wearing?

Jamon said:  "Ta-da!"

Josie calls pizza "pizpa"-it's so cute I cannot correct her

Better Late Than Never

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2011 is to start and maintain a family blog.  Thanks to a lot of help from my dear friend Dannika, I can cross it off my list.  I never thought I had anything exciting to blog about, and then I realized what I do have is my family.  This blog is my attempt to keep a journal of my children's childhood and capture family memories that will last a lifetime.  Ideally, I would have started this when Jamon was a baby, but its better late than never.