The Heacock Flock

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doughnut Day

Once a week our kids get to visit Papa Jeff at Master's Donuts.  This tradition started with Great Papa Jack when he and Papa Jeff would take a coffee break during work.  It's a neat time for the kids to see Papa, make small conversation, and of course eat doughnuts and drink chocolate milk.  Josie always chooses a chocolate covered doughnut but only eats the top of the chocolate.  Jamon used to choose crumb cake doughnuts, but he has graduated to a simple chocolate raised.  After Jolie's first birthday I'll let her have a doughnut hole.  This weekly date is a highlight for the kids.  I think its a great memory in the making and I'm reminded how blessed I am to have such a great family!  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adding to our family....

As I have mentioned, we are raising chickens, goats, and children; but not in that particular order.  After some attacks by what we are assuming are raccoons, we decided to add seven baby chicks to our family.  I say we are adding them to the family; however, I keep reminding myself they are chickens, not pets.  That being said, Josie told Jeremiah and me that the baby chicks missed their mama.  The kids and I were checking on them and she said,"Wait, what's that you say baby chicks?  You miss your mama?  I'm your mama now...." Jamon of course countered with:  "You are not their mama."  After settling the debate, we continued to watch the chicks run around.  I am just hoping that out of the seven we get at least four chicks to start laying this summer. 
Jeremiah claims chickens aren't his thing, but that smile tells me the chickens are growing on him! 

Snow Day ~February 24th

After weeks of hinting at a possible snow day, the weather man finally got it right!  We woke up on Thursday morning to this:

Snow is beautiful.  It reminded me of the verses from Isaiah 1:18b:  "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow." Jeremiah and I kept admiring the scenery while the kids kept eating the snow.

It was a great morning with dad at home.  The kids fed the goats, Clyde & Cliff, and I'm not sure who had more fun between them.  Jolie was more enamored with watching the snow fall and she had plenty of entertainment between Jamon and Josie.  When the kids decided they had enough, we went inside and enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows.  The funny thing is, Josie could have a cup of marshmallows and never know the hot cocoa was missing.  Jamon only wants a few marshmallows and then drinks all the hot cocoa.  These two are so funny together.  I can't wait to see how Jolie's personality will fit into the mix.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Round-Up

During the month of February we were very busy making and enjoying Valentine's Day crafts and treats. First of all, my friend Hollan introduced me to the wonderful trend of cake pops.  Cake pops are everywhere in the blog/craft world these days.  For a Valentine's couples party, I decided to bring heart- shaped cake pops. They were delicious and so easy to make!  Also, we made these cute treat bags and mailed them to aunts and uncles and delivered them to local grandparents.  The red hearts are just pins that I made out of felt scraps. Josie and I wore them on Valentine's Day and she loved it.  And lastly, the paper colored hearts are an idea I found on Dana's website.  I let Jamon & Josie color their hearts and Jamon wrote his name on the back of his.  It's a great idea for treat exchanges.  Emily Roper has been hosting a kid's Valentine's party for a few years in a row now-the kids always have fun making & eating yummy treats. 
Valentine's Day is a great time to make fun treats!

Jolie played with her friend Ezra Bernatz while Jamon & Josie decorated their treat bags. 

Also, this was the first year that Jeremiah and I made homemade Valentine's to the kids.  He made two hearts for each of the girls and I made one for Jamon.  This is a great tradition that we both want to continue for the years to come.