The Heacock Flock

Monday, May 7, 2012

Glimpse of summer...

Every once in awhile we get teased with some nice weather before summer starts.  The first week of May has been one of those weeks.  Josie was wearing a sundress everyday.  Jamon got a tanned neck, even though he wears high SPF sunscreen everyday.  And Jolie chose pink shorts each morning.  We spend as much time soaking up Vitamin D as possible.  When the kids asked to go the park we gladly walked through our pasture, since our goats are gone now, it makes for a nice little short cut.  We spent a good hour running around, swinging, climbing and jumping...jumping into the sand!  Who knew how much fun jumping off a wall could be?

Josie and Jolie LOVE to swing.  I love that Josie can pump her own little legs and she and Jolie both ask for underdoggies.  Jamon likes to swing for a little bit but he prefers to climb on the ropes and play basketball.  Then the kids found the sand pit.  We normally say no to the sand at parks....but today was an exception and I am so glad I said sure.  Well, I think Jeremiah actually said yes after he walked through making sure there was nothing dangerous in the sand.  Anyway, the kids repeatedly climbed up the wall, jumped into the sand, crawled their way out and did it all over again.  It was so much fun watching them enjoy the outdoors.  I love that each one of my kids love playing outside.  Sometimes I think I am too busy to be outside with them.  Moments like this remind me I should be busy playing with them! I am thankful we walked as a family and spent the time to just play.  It makes me so excited for Summer....which hopefully is not far away. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Soccer

These pictures totally capture the girls during the game!  I love the one with Josie's hands on her hips. 

Jamon loved soccer so much in the fall that he could hardly wait to play with his buddies again in the Spring.  We have been so fortunate this soccer season with wonderful weather.  I think every game has been dry and sunny!  Jamon really enjoys this team.  And he speaks and thinks very highly of Coach Troy and Coach Randy.  They are the Ridgeview Kangaroos and there are some new friends on the team and some returners.  Of course, his good buddy Easton Roberson is on the team, and this year they decided they would be "twins" at each practice.  It's hilarious.  They learned if they dressed the same at practice they would be on the same team during scrimmage.  Pretty smart.  Jamon wasn't the only one looking forward to soccer starting again.  Josie loves soccer because she gets to see her friends too! One practice Emily Roper made the girls daisy chains and ever since then Josie has been busy picking daisies and attempting to make her own necklaces.

One weekend Paige and Jace were spending the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma and they got to come to the game.  It was so fun!  Josie, Jolie, Paige and Zoe played all morning.  Jolie learned how to do cartwheels during soccer season too.  It's hilarious.  She actually gets the main idea. That girl needs to be in gymnastics!  And Jace went from one grandma to the next.  Jamon played a double header.  The sun was out.  It was a great morning.  One thing I noticed in Jamon is that his foot work has improved so much this season.  He is learning to angle the ball more and use his left foot.  He and his teammates are even trying to pass the ball to one another.  What an improvement from the fall.  The herd or pack of players is slowly breaking up and it is actually becoming more of a game.  It is so much fun to watch them enjoy playing a sport or an activity.  The best part for Jamon is that he keeps score, plays defense and gets the treats at the end!