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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doughnut Day with Aunt Jennifer

Well this particular week we were lucky to have Aunt Jennifer visit!  She even stayed to come to doughnuts.  I love how these pictures capture how different each child is and their personalities.  I am so thankful for supportive and involved family who are truly invested in the lives of my children. 
One of the traditions I love most is doughnut day.  The ironic thing is I don't even eat doughnuts!  The tradition started with Jeremiah's Grandpa Jack taking a coffee break from the glass shop.  They would rotate between Master's Doughnuts & Rose's Diner.  When they sold the glass shop a few years ago I actually thought what would happen to doughnut day?  Before we had kids Jeremiah and I would show up to the coffee break time on days off from school or work.  Jeremiah has very fond memories of working with his Grandpa and having coffee breaks. It was a tradition I was excited to continue with Papa Jeff.  We used to faithfully go on Tuesdays, but with Classical Conversations on that day we have become more sporadic in our visits.  I love that our kids refer to old fashion doughnuts as "Papa's doughnuts" and both Josie & Jolie eat their chocolate doughnuts top down.  It's fun to sip a diet pepsi and just watch the kids.  Well, who am I kidding I am pretty busy preventing a spill, taking someone to the bathroom, opening a milk carton and just being a mom.  And it's so appropriate that I am writing about doughnut day because we get to go tomorrow!

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