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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jolie turns 2

It seems like with each subsequent child time goes faster and faster.  I know that from the newborn stage to the first birthday is the most physical change.  However, from one year to two years is a different kind of change.  It is so fun to see them with more hair, their personality develop, and see how they fit into the family.  Enter Jolie as a 2 year old.  Although she is very much her own personality, it is unbelievable how much she and Josie resemble each other.  Sometimes I like to try and trick Jeremiah by showing him a picture of one of the girls and he has to guess which one it is.  Half the time he is correct.

Because Jolie's birthday is so close to the first day of Spring and near Easter, we did a combined Easter/Spring birthday party.  Fun, bright colors mixed with Easter decorations.  We had mostly family with a few friends over.  Jolie thought the best part of the party was Grandma Angie's lap.  One of the best gifts Jolie gave to me was that six weeks before she turned 2 she decided to potty train herself.  Literally.  I have heard a few stories in magazines and online of kids who decide the want to potty train themselves at an early age.  Both Jamon and Josie were easy potty trainers so I actually don't mind the training.  However, this was a dream.  She literally woke up, took off her diaper and put it in the garbage and climbed onto the potty.  Within days she was dry at nap time!  And within the week she was dry at night.  I shouldn't be that surprised because Jolie is very independent.  She doesn't realize that she is younger than Jamon and Josie and just wants to keep up with everything they are doing.  Ever since the fall, if not sooner, she has been dressing herself, brushing her own teeth, drinking from a regular cup, feeding herself cereal with milk, and buckling her own straps in the carseat!  I keep reminding myself that this great independence and determination is a good thing, because often it results in tears and frustration, from both of us.

One thing I notice about Jolie is that she has very good balance, coordination, and strength, and little fear. This is a dangerous combination.  She started doing somersaults in the winter with no one showing her how.  She climbs on everything.  She is the kind of kid that parents put into gymnastics at an early age because of their energy!  She is also the kind of kid that melts your heart.  We often wake up to the sound of her singing "Jesus loves me."  And when she is not jumping or climbing on or off of something, she is singing "Hosanna" or "Hope for Every Man."  I absolutely love that she loves to sing.  Also, I love that she is the healthiest eater of our family.  Although she did inherit a sweet tooth from her daddy, other than that, she loves and will always choose sliced avocados, tomatoes, salad, hard boiled eggs, black beans, oatmeal, brown rice, fruit, peas, carrots and broccoli!  Jamon is our pickiest eater.  Josie is a pretty good eater and Jolie wins the best, healthy eater award.

My intention for this blog was to try and journal about our family.  To try and write down, capture and remember all the moments that I think I will remember when our kids are grown but I know I won't.  Sometimes, like right now, I get motivated to blog a lot.  And then other times it's months before I update anything.  It's times like this when I get to sit down and reflect on Jolie being 2 that I realize I have to find a way to be more consistent because time is passing by and they are growing up before my eyes.  That being said, Jolie you are a joy to have in our family.  My prayer for you this year is that you would learn to find joy in obedience.  It is so hard to be 2.  I know you get told "no" or "stop" a lot.  I just pray that you will find there is actually more freedom and true joy when we obey.  A lesson that I know comes from the Lord.

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