The Heacock Flock

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adding to our family....

As I have mentioned, we are raising chickens, goats, and children; but not in that particular order.  After some attacks by what we are assuming are raccoons, we decided to add seven baby chicks to our family.  I say we are adding them to the family; however, I keep reminding myself they are chickens, not pets.  That being said, Josie told Jeremiah and me that the baby chicks missed their mama.  The kids and I were checking on them and she said,"Wait, what's that you say baby chicks?  You miss your mama?  I'm your mama now...." Jamon of course countered with:  "You are not their mama."  After settling the debate, we continued to watch the chicks run around.  I am just hoping that out of the seven we get at least four chicks to start laying this summer. 
Jeremiah claims chickens aren't his thing, but that smile tells me the chickens are growing on him! 


  1. Too funny!! Josie is so a mama hen. "Cooking", "cleaning", "feeding" and all the funny little things she does:) She could totally be those chick's mama.

  2. Hi fellow Blogger! Very cute blog.. and even cuter family! I had chickens growing up and they were so much fun! Your kiddos will have great memories and stories to tell about them!