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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybe when I'm 5.

Before Jamon turned five, he used to say this phrase for everything.  For example, I would ask:  "Jamon, do you want to try a bite of salmon?"  He would then reply, "Maybe when I'm 5."  This would happen frequently throughout the year.  For some reason, turning five was a big deal in his mind.  And the more I thought about it, five was a big deal.  Before I had children, I would see other small kids and think that once they were around five years old they stopped being super cute and entered an awkward stage of childhood.  Let me explain.  Kids who are four can get away with mispronunciations and other "cute" toddler ways.  But, when kids turn five it seems like people are constantly asking what skill he's mastering, what sport he's playing, how he's doing in school etc.  All the while, I am imagining my not so little four year old who somehow became a kid overnight. 

I know everyone says how fast childhood goes and that I should just enjoy every moment.  Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the day to day chaos of little kids in the house.  But for some reason, when Jamon comes up to me and gives me a "strong" hug or asks me to watch him do something, time does stand still.  He was my first baby.  He is my only boy.  I could make a list of all the things I've done wrong in the first five years, but Jamon is so forgiving, loving, and encouraging.  Jamon keeps me honest and accountable.  Sometimes I like to go into his room and just re-tuck him in after he's asleep.  It amazes me how he went from 21 3/4" long and weighing only 7lbs. 9 oz to 57 lbs and almost 48" in just five years.  He went from the same bassinet his dad used to his Papa's old twin-sized bed! He has grown from footed pajamas to thermal tops and bottoms, and the other night he wanted to just wear shorts to bed.  I used to read to him for hours and now he reads by himself and to our family.

I am sure each stage has its trials and its joys.  I can only hope the next five years are just as good....

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