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Monday, May 7, 2012

Glimpse of summer...

Every once in awhile we get teased with some nice weather before summer starts.  The first week of May has been one of those weeks.  Josie was wearing a sundress everyday.  Jamon got a tanned neck, even though he wears high SPF sunscreen everyday.  And Jolie chose pink shorts each morning.  We spend as much time soaking up Vitamin D as possible.  When the kids asked to go the park we gladly walked through our pasture, since our goats are gone now, it makes for a nice little short cut.  We spent a good hour running around, swinging, climbing and jumping...jumping into the sand!  Who knew how much fun jumping off a wall could be?

Josie and Jolie LOVE to swing.  I love that Josie can pump her own little legs and she and Jolie both ask for underdoggies.  Jamon likes to swing for a little bit but he prefers to climb on the ropes and play basketball.  Then the kids found the sand pit.  We normally say no to the sand at parks....but today was an exception and I am so glad I said sure.  Well, I think Jeremiah actually said yes after he walked through making sure there was nothing dangerous in the sand.  Anyway, the kids repeatedly climbed up the wall, jumped into the sand, crawled their way out and did it all over again.  It was so much fun watching them enjoy the outdoors.  I love that each one of my kids love playing outside.  Sometimes I think I am too busy to be outside with them.  Moments like this remind me I should be busy playing with them! I am thankful we walked as a family and spent the time to just play.  It makes me so excited for Summer....which hopefully is not far away. 

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