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Thursday, February 17, 2011

All your eggs in one basket

I mentioned in my profile that we are raising 4 chickens and I think this family blog wouldn't be complete without some pictures.  Usually after the kids wake up from naps we take the bucket of scraps from the kitchen, put on our rubber boots and head out with the egg basket & chicken food in hand.  Lately, we are consistently getting 2 eggs a day which has resulted in us delivering eggs to some family members.  The kids have so much fun with the chickens.  I am looking forward to the spring and summer when we'll hopefully be collecting baskets full! 
We thought about naming the chickens....but we didn't want to get attached.  They are just chickens. 

Grandma Jo put together this egg basket for the kids. 

Jeremiah was smart and put the nesting boxes on the outside so the kids could reach in for eggs. 

Large, brown eggs!  Delicious! 

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