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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blue Bear

There is a very important member of our family that I haven't mentioned.  When Josie turned 2, her Aunt Jennifer took her and Jamon to Build-A-Bear.  Out of all the animals for her to choose, she chose a very simple blue bear.  To this day, she cannot say her L's very well, so its actually called "boo bear."  Blue bear goes everywhere with Josie.  One day I asked Josie if Blue Bear wanted a bite of panpakes (her word for pancakes), and her response was:  "boo bear doesn't have a mouth."  This blue bear cries, gets her hair done, goes to bed, gets put in timeouts, and is often a reflection of what is happening to her.  I have heard of kids being attached to stuffed animals, and both of my kids have their own special animals.  Josie's is blue bear and Jamon's is his monkey.
I love this picture!
Josie reading "Strawberry Shortcake Dance Class" to Blue Bear & Bella Dog

Blue Bear getting her hair done while Jamon gets a haircut from Grandma Angie. 

Trip back from the chickens. 

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