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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

Last week the kids wanted to help me cook dinner.  Sunday nights are my menu planning nights, so I planned to have homemade pizza on Monday night.  The recipe I use is super simple, its a basic Artisan Bread that is very versatile and I have found it makes the best pizza dough.  During nap time I rolled the dough and let it rise so when the kids woke up they could put on the toppings.  It's amazing to see how different the kids "decorated" their pizzas.  This was a really fun activity for them and the result was delicious!

One batch makes 3 good sized pizzas

How cute is that hat & apron Josie is wearing?

Jamon said:  "Ta-da!"

Josie calls pizza "pizpa"-it's so cute I cannot correct her

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  1. When you make something delicious/fun/easy you should definitely give us (me) the recipe - for those of us (me) who are cooking challenged ;)