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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I blinked and now I have a 6 year old

It is so cliche to say that time goes by so fast.  I remember other moms telling me they had a six year old and I thought those kids are so old.  I remember watching Jamon "play" on the floor with some baby toys and longing for the days when he would play with friends, ride his bike, play catch etc.  Well, I blinked my eyes and now I have a six year old.  I look at Jamon and often forget that he is only six years old.  He is so responsible, kind-hearted and intelligent.  What a blessing.  When I was pregnant with him I vividly recall praying and pleading with Lord to give my son a tender spirit before the Lord.  Jamon is an answer to my prayers. 

For his birthday he wanted a fishing party so his other friends could learn how to cast.  This past Spring and early Summer Jamon has been able to go on quite a few fishing trips.  He's gone to Lava Lake, Diamond Lake and up the McKenzie River.  It's funny how in the years past I always spent so much time and energy planning birthday parties, themes, games and favors etc.  This year I literally did a simple invitation and food.  And the kids played.  It was the easiest and most fun birthday party.  Who knew a mean game of Sharks & Minnows would be the highlight of a party. 

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