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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Start of a Long Journey

Every year I choose a word of the year.  A word I want to focus on.  A word I want to grow in.  In 2013 I chose the word joy.  I wanted to know, really know, true joy.  I know that happiness is based on circumstances, things that can come and go, change with any given moment.  But joy is something people have. Something people are.  I wanted joy  The first thing I learned in 2013 about joy is that joy often comes with deep sorrow.  In February 2013, we tragically lost Grandpa Jack to a sudden, fatal heart attack. That was deep sorrow.  Grieving.  Sadness. Heart ache.

Let me back up a little bit.  When Jeremiah and I first started talking about starting a family we knew we wanted three kids.  Until one day I asked what he thought about four.  He replied "I kinda figured we would have four."  We never felt settled about having another baby and time went on.  Jolie turned three and we found ourselves still talking and debating about that fourth child.  And looking back, I see God's timing in it all! In the Spring of 2013 I just happened to read Kisses from Katie.  Then, a dear friend of mine recommended this documentary on Netflix about international adoption.  I'm addicted to documentaries so I watched it that night.  Then, I was driving to Grandma Jo's one night and I heard a pastor on the radio say this one line "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone."  I knew that it was for us.  I knew deep in my heart we were supposed to adopt.

That's where our journey started.  We officially sent in our application to Agape Adoptions in June 2013.  And on December 19th we "met" Jaren.  The beautiful part of all of this is his given name at the orphanage is Jack.  When we read his file and saw Jack written on the top we knew he was meant for our family.  It took us until June 2014 to rename him.  And keeping in step with our other three children, Jeremiah picked out his name.  And I love it too.  Jaren means "to cry out to the Lord, to sing out of rejoicing." That is something only The Lord can orchestrate.

As we hope to be in Kunming, China in less than 6 weeks, I will be updating the blog with pictures, details, prayer requests, and of course our trip in China! Thanks for being part of our journey.
Jaren at 2 years old.  We cant wait to see him smile.  

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