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Monday, June 16, 2014


Why am I ever amazed at what God does? Last Thursday, my friend Britny texted me and said I want to do something for your adoption.  Can I bake a cake and auction it?  Let me give full disclosure, Britny is a gifted baker.  I of course told her yes!  One of the hardest parts of adoption is the financial burden.  I loathe fundraising.  I feel terrible asking people for things.  However, if I can make something, sew something, sell something that you want and/or need then that's a different story.  Britny graciously made a decadent dark chocolate salted caramel cake. It goes to auction on FB. Then,  she tells me theres an anonymous donor who just bid $300!  I have never met this person.  They live over two hours away.  When I messaged this lady she tells she felt like the Lord was leading and prompting her to do something that day and what a blessing it was for her to give!  Unbelievable.  Honestly.

Fast forward a week...I get another text from my friend Rachel.  She tells me, "I would love to do something to help fundraise for your adoption."  I humbly replied thank you. Then, not only would she like to do something but she has already thought of the thing.  Rachel decided to launch a t-shirt campaign to support of our adoption.  She asked me for a word, theme, or verse for our adoption.  I told her I liked maps/world maps etc and that I would want it to focus on all adoptions, not exclusive to China adoptions, international, but also domestic, local, stateside etc.  Rachel threw out the word "chosen" and I loved it.  We talked about a variety of verses that would encapsulate our heart for adoption.  Then, on Saturday night I told her I wanted to change our verse.  I said I was gravitating toward Ephesians 1:4-5.  She suggested we sleep on it, pray about it, and wait to see what the teaching is at church the next day.

Sunday, June 15th was Father's Day!  We went to Ekklesia, our church, and Phil Comer was teaching. He said he titled this message "Father like the Father."  One of the first points to come out of his mouth was that we need to welcome our children, just like the Father chose us and adopted us into His family. I couldn't believe it.  Phil repeated the theme that we are all CHOSEN by God. That in love He chose us. He adopted us into His family.  I knew that would not only be our t shirt fundraiser design but really a reminder for us in this adoption process.

We are chosen.  We have set a lofty goal of 75 shirts in 10 days! Will you pray about supporting us through a tank/tee purchase?  Will you pray for us as we are in the final stretch of our journey? 

10 days to sell 75 tees/tanks!  

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