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Monday, June 13, 2011

It all began in a garden

Last year was our first year at a garden.  A real vegetable garden.  This year, we decided to move our garden because it was too shaded and we had some deer trample through it a few times.  In the middle of May Jeremiah built two huge raised beds.  One is dedicated solely to pole beans.  The other is a variety of lettuce starts, lettuce seeds, broccoli, carrot seeds, three tomato plants, and a zucchini at the end.  I actually just enjoyed the first harvest of my lettuce for lunch a few days ago.

In an attempt to keep cats out of our beds, I have been advised to put water jugs or plastic jugs filled half way or so with water in the corners.  I'm not sure if its the reflection of the water that the cats don't like, but whatever it is it's working.

I'm excited to enjoy the fruit of our labor and the kids love watering!  Our garden and flowers never go thirsty with Jamon & Josie around.  I know that I was not meant to live sixty years ago, I could never make it "living off the land."  This is our small way of sustainable living and teaching our kids some valuable life lessons....

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