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Monday, June 13, 2011

Washington Family Ranch Family Camp

First of all, we are still here...we have been really busy!  The month of May was a whirlwind.  It seemed like after Mother's Day time just flew by.  I had every intention of blogging more frequently to prevent the flood of posts but time got away from me and here I am.  Oh well.  So, after Mother's Day was Jeremiah's Grandma Jo's birthday, then my birthday and then Memorial Day weekend.  In between those two weeks Jeremiah built me two huge raised beds for our garden (more on this to come), and I celebrated the last year in my twenties by purchasing some anti-wrinkle cream.  I have to  mention that Jamon woke me up on my birthday by saying:  "Good morning mom.  Happy Birthday, I will love you forever." That made my day. 

Anyway, after the celebrations were through, we made our way to Antelope, Oregon for Young Life's Family Camp.  Washington Family Ranch is impressive.  It's in the desert and there is an appeal to leaving the daily busyness and finding solitude with your family.  There were approximately 700 people at this camp from all over Oregon and SW Washington.  We were fortunate enough to go with the Michel's and in our cabin were four adults and five small children.  Much to my surprise, the kids slept so well!  It was a great vacation.  It was so fun to be around families who were dealing with the same daily issues of nap times, cleaning high chairs, telling your kids no more treats before dinner, and all the other little fires we put out everyday.  We really enjoyed having the Michel family and the Jarvis family with us.

I think the highlight for me was the last night, the carnival night.  It literally ended with a large firework display!  It was so sweet to hear Jolie point to the fireworks and say:  "liiiight."  Jamon commented on every firework and Josie stood there with her fingers in each ear because she was scared.  In two and a half days of camp, the kids enjoyed horseback riding, club, skits, the pool, ice cream cones, hikes, indoor rec center, obstacle courses with a foam pit, more ice cream, a carnival and sno cones!  It was a good time had by all. 
Both times Josie ordered the pink ice cream which meant strawberry. 

Jolie LOVED rainbow sherbet!  Who can blame her? 

Jamon will always choose mint chocolate chip!   

This is carnival night!  Look at that sky! 

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