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Monday, June 27, 2011

More family camp

I knew when I was writing my last post that there was more to family camp than what I could recall.  I found my digital camera and then I remembered.  A really fun part of family camp is "field games."  It's basically a time when families are formed into groups for different relay games.  It includes running down and around a cone inside an inner tube, chariots race, spinning around a baseball bat etc.  The finale is throwing shaving cream and soaked horse food at one another...who knew the two combined would be that much fun?  Josie cried when Jeremiah barely dabbed her cheek with shaving cream.  Jamon and Brady got right into it.  I do think Jeremiah, Ryan and Victoria had the most fun.  It was a great time together with our family and good family friends. 

Look at these cute kids!  They are ready to go play some field games.

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